Here is the list of prizes, you can redeem them at any time simply by emailing me at and letting me know what you want!

  • 2000 points = Paperback copy of Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food.
  • 1500 points = Meal Prep Haven Food Containers (I only have 2 of these left). This is a pack of 7 containers that you can use to prep your meals for an entire week.
  • 1500 points = One free month membership to Healthy Habits Payoff (once I start charging)
  • 600 points = Two regular size seed packets form (Go to and figure out which regularly priced seeds you want, the $2.99 packs, and include the item number and name of the seed in your email to me. The item number looks like this: SNV8347)

New prizes will be coming soon!