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School Lunch Essentials and Ideas

What is my girls’ all time favorite lunch? Like most people, they simply can’t get enough pizza!


We make pizza at home quite often, and when we do I always make a little extra crust dough. I roll out that dough, brush it with a little olive oil, and then bake it until it is nearly done. Then I let them cool, cut them into wedges, and store them in the freezer. I also freeze the leftover sauce in ice cube trays. When it comes time to pack lunch, I just pop a few crust wedges into one of these wonderful divided containers, add two frozen cubes of sauce in a little snack bag with the corner snipped, and some leftover shredded cheese or a string cheese, and any toppings they like. They love to be able to build their own pizza right there at the lunch table!

Hint: If you don’t have any leftover crust wedges, you can always use a pita or tortilla cut into pieces. My kids certainly don’t mind!

I also like to pack in a treat a couple of times a week, and my kids love this homemade fruit leather!

One of my absolute favorite lunches actually wouldn’t be considered a lunch at all, click to the next page to find out what it is.


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