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School Lunch Essentials and Ideas

This next one is probably one I take more often to work with me than I send with them for school, because it is super yummy! It is also technically a breakfast, but who doesn’t love breakfast food at any time of day?


I just can’t get enough yogurt! I make my own yogurt from scratch because my yogurt habit is so strong that I’d go broke with all the yogurt I’d be buying, but you certainly can buy yours at the store. I recommend a plain, whole milk yogurt, and the only ingredients should be milk and the yogurt bacteria. Plain yogurt can be quite tart, but it’s easy to flavor any way you like with some fruit, honey, or real maple syrup.

My favorite way to eat it is with some fresh fruit and my homemade granola.

I love these twist top containers for anything that might leak in some way. School lunches sure get banged around a lot in those backpacks, and I don’t like cleaning up messes if I don’t have to! These do a really great job of keeping the liquid in.

The next lunch idea is an easy way to make your kids’ lunch fun and cute, without spending a ton of time!


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