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School Lunch Essentials and Ideas

As I was packing this one up, my 5-year-old said, “Can I please have that one? Please!?!?”


Waffles can be too messy for school lunches if you dress them up with the usual syrup, so I turned these waffles into a sandwich with cream cheese and fruit in the middle. I added more fruit and some veggies on the side to really load up on the nutrients and give them plenty of produce to pick from.

We use a lot of these reusable ice packs, and they are so cute! Stock your freezer with a ton of these. Also, you need to make sure you have a cute insulated lunch box to make it more fun to bring a home lunch. As you are shopping for lunchboxes, make sure the one you pick fits the divided containers I talked about above, they don’t fit in all the insulated lunch boxes.

What do you like to send for school lunches?


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