Weekly Menu – July 20

How was your week? Yesterday was one of those really awful days that you just have to push through, but today was so lovely that it completely made up for it. Hooray for good days! We also had a great week when it came to food, so many simple yet yummy meals!

Sunday – Extended family potluck, Hawaiian haystacks. Most of this was made by my parents and supplemented by my siblings, but here is a recipe you can try. For our part, we brought a watermelon. I love that summer means melon, there is nothing more summery and easy than a watermelon!

Monday – Pizza. When we make pizza I like to roll out personal size pizza so everyone can top their own. The funny thing is, if you give kid a plate full of veggies and tell them they can put whatever they want on their pizza, they will usually use everything on the plate! At least my kids do, even the spinach, and they eat every bite because they are so proud to have made their own dinner. We usually make some extra pizzas that we freeze so Marquis has some quick and easy meals to take to work.

Pizza www.thatswhatieat.com

Tuesday – Steak, baked potatoes and yellow zucchini. Yes, that is yellow zucchini, not yellow squash. I had never heard of it before, have you? This night I was going to get fancy and do a recipe I saw on Pinterest with the potatoes and zucchini, but we ended up needing something faster so I just quickly “baked” the potatoes in the microwave and sauteed the zucchini on the stove while Marquis grilled the steak outside.

Wednesday – Chicken stir fry. This turned out so yummy! This recipe is coming soon as a Skinny Mom post, I’ll be sure to link to the recipe once it posts. Yum!

Food Collage July 20

Thursday – Chicken and dumplings. Sometimes dinner plans change last minute. This night was supposed to be chicken pot pie, but around 5:00 I realized that I had forgotten to make the dough for the crust. That really needs to hang out in the fridge for awhile to be really yummy, so I changed to chicken and dumplings. Kind of the same thing, right? The recipe I used is here, although I used whole wheat flour.

Friday – Creamy pasta. When I was a kid, we used to cook an easy meal that was just noodles with a can of cream of soup thrown over the top. You could add chicken or tuna or veggies or cheese or whatever else you wanted in with it. This is apparently what I still reach for when I need a fast dinner and need to pull something out of my hat, except now I make my cream of chicken from scratch (great recipe here) and whole grain noodles (I like quinoa). I also added some cooked chicken and sauteed some more yellow zucchini to go on the side.

Saturday – Roasted chicken and fancied up veggies. The chicken was simply sprinkled with salt, pepper and a garlic seasoning that sounded good. Then I thinly sliced yellow potatoes and yellow squash (for real this time), tossed them in olive oil with salt and pepper and then layered them together in a pan. I then grated a little mozzarella over the top and baked it at the same time I was baking the chicken. Yes, this is the fancy thing I saw on Pinterest, I’m not sure if I succeeded, but it was yummy.

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