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Healthy Habits Challenge for February – Free Access to the Game!

How to lose weight and keep it off without diet and exercise

“Well, that didn’t work…”

It’s been a month, is that how you are feeling about your New Year’s Resolutions?

Why is it so hard to keep the momentum going?

I am doing a virtual happy dance of excitement right now, because I have the answer for you! I can tell you why you have tried over and over to lose that weight, but just can’t seem to stay motivated. I can tell you why you wake up with renewed dedication, have a green smoothie for breakfast, but then by lunch you’ve got a burger and fries in hand. Again.

It all comes down to one word: Habits.

Our lives are driven by habits. Each morning when you wake up, you don’t sit down and decide whether or not you will brush your teeth, you just do it. You drive the same path every day to work, the kid’s school, dance class, or wherever else you go on a regular basis, and you don’t consciously use your brain to make a choice at each turn. Instead, you rely on habit. In fact, at some point you have probably found yourself on autopilot, driving somewhere familiar without thinking about it when you actually meant to go somewhere else.

Why do conventional diet and exercise routines fail?

Because they focus on temporary individual actions, not on building the habit behind that action. Once you build healthy habits, losing weight and being your best self becomes effortless! But how in the world do you keep the momentum going long enough to build those habits?

For this month’s free challenge, I’m giving you all my secrets.

I have spent the last several months creating an amazing new program, designed specifically to keep you motivated while you build those habits, and rewarding you with points and prizes when you do. Instead of feeling deprived because you are counting calories/macros/points/etc., you will feel the satisfaction of watching your points total increase and celebrating your successes, all while laying a foundation that will support you when motivation runs out.

Our free challenge this month will be diving in to the game and experiencing it first hand!

So please, I invite you to try the Healthy Habits Payoff Game for yourself. Simply click here and sign up for your free trial. I’m so excited to have you with us!

How many points can you earn this month? I can’t wait to find out!

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