Lose Weight With Me

“I don’t want to think so much about everything I eat. I’m tired of food taking up so much of my life!”

Does this sound familiar? This is an exact quote that someone said to me recently, and my heart goes out to all of you who feel the same. I should say to all of us, because I’ve definitely been there myself!

No one wants to spend their days analyzing every bite, counting calories, tracking macros, adding up points. It may help you get results and lose a little bit of weight temporarily, but it always comes back. That’s not a way to live, and yet you still want to feel good in your skin!

I would like to teach you how to switch your mindset and make healthy living simple for you. Your healthy habits will become as automatic as brushing your teeth each morning, and that’s when the weight loss becomes almost effortless, and actually lasts!

Each person is different. I have a few different programs, but the one that works for you is going to depend on your personality, your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. You can read more about each of these programs below, but the best way to decide which is best for you is to book a free Discovery Session with me. We’ll spend 1/2 hour over Skype going over your goals, and you’ll come away with an easy plan to get you on the path to the healthiest you yet, even if you don’t enroll in any of my programs.

Yes, you can do this. And we’ll get there, one babystep at a time!

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Featured Programs:

  • One-on-one coaching
    • Most intensive coaching program
    • Works best for those with lots of weight to lose
    • Meet twice monthly
    • Only for those who are truly dedicated to making real change!
  • Group sessions
    • Groups of 5-6 people attend live training sessions together twice a month
    • Lots of group support and encouragement
    • Limited space available, currently waiting list only
  • Virtual fridge/pantry cleanout
    • One time meeting over Skype
    • You take me inside your fridge and pantry, and then we discuss tactics to making ditching those extra pounds easier by changing your food landscape
    • I leave you with a shopping list and recipes for a month’s worth of food to refill your pantry with delicious, healthy choices
    • Optional one month followup
  • Healthy Habits Payoff game
    • Most economical option
    • Make healthy living a game!
    • Self paced lessons and point earning opportunities
    • Lots of group support from other members

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