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Meal Plan Like a Boss! October’s Healthy Living Challenge

Meal Plan Like a Boss – October’s Healthy Living Challenge

And just like that, October is here! Now that we are finally getting into a routine with school and fall and all the things, how about we getting into a new, healthy routine that will save us time and money? Oh, and it’s going to help us be healthy, too.

Of course I’m talking about meal planning, and of course you know that this is a great way to keep you on track health wise. But how in the world do you do it? Who has the time? And what do you do on those nights when you forgot to defrost the chicken and everyone is hungry RIGHT NOW!?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s exactly what you do:

Got it? Good.

Second, open your calendar and mark yourself as busy on October 3 at 8:00 p.m. MST. We’ll have a kickoff webinar to explain the rules and get you started.

Third, watch your email for more instructions.

That’s it! Are you ready?

Oh, and there’s a prize at the end. Hooray!

If you are active enough in the group that I recognize your name, you are entered into a drawing. For this month, I’m giving you one of my favorite cookbooks, an awesome tool for meal planning.

Get signed up right now!